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Do you manage one or more real estate agencies ?

Our real estate CRM helps to achieve your goals

Motivating your team of real estate agents, following the evolution of your property portfolio, making sure that sales and rentals go quickly and smoothly…
All this is needed to make your agency prosper and grow.

What if there was a software that could assist you in all these tasks from a single interface with a centralised and constantly synchronised database?

That’s exactly what WHISE offers you!
WHISE combines the power of

  • a CRM that monitors the activity of your sales representatives and their prospection
  • a marketing platform to promote your brand, your real estate agency and your properties
  • a real estate transaction software to plan and organise the sale or rental of your properties from start to finish

Motivate your sales team

The work of your sales reps is central to your agency’s success, both for finding new owners who want to work with you and for arranging visits or the sale or rent of the properties.

WHISE offers you a simple, intuitive and effective tool to structure this work and ensure a delicate balance between the search for new properties and the sale or rental of the properties in your portfolio.

Get organized efficiently

In our real estate CRM, you can use the “conversion funnel” to structure the search for properties and their marketing. It also allows your sales reps to organise themselves efficiently.

In the blink of an eye, you can:

  • Offer real added value to your sales reps with efficient and automated work procedures – these procedures make it easier to train them and help them achieve better results

  • Visualise the situation of your real estate portfolio and know the evolution of your database of potential buyers and tenants thanks to our integrated dashboards

  • Get a real-time overview of your sales reps’ prospection

  • View your paid ads on real estate portals and control your billing

Promote your brand, your real estate agency and your properties

WHISE is also a fully-fledged marketing platform that centralises all your promotional activities:

  • Create newsletters and promote your properties with a simple and fully integrated mass-mailing tool with respect for the brand image of your agency
  • Publish and update your sales and rental ads on major real estate portals in a few clicks
  • Quickly create posters and brochures to promote new properties for sale and rent

Actively manage your real estate portfolio
A well-balanced portfolio is essential for the success of your business

To remain attractive to prospective owners or tenants, your agency should have enough properties available for rent or sale. The more efficient your sales reps are, the more new properties you need to add to your portfolio.

WHISE offers you a clear overview of your sales reps’ activity and their commercial pipeline. This helps you to better anticipate the evolution of your portfolio so you can take the necessary steps to balance offer and demand. This will contribute to your business growth.

Work with WHISE for free, for up to 5 properties published online, without any time limit