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Do you follow up on files in your real estate agency?

WHISE makes your daily tasks easier

Following various files, organising property visits, creating posters and brochures, managing the different stages of sale and rental… There are many tasks you have to manage on a daily basis.
Our automation helps you deliver a flawless follow-up.

What if there was a simple and intuitive software that could assist you in all these tasks?

That’s exactly what WHISE offers you!
WHISE combines the power of

  • a real estate transaction software that brings together all you need for selling or renting a property
  • a marketing platform to quickly promote your properties on several real estate portals, including automated follow-up
  • a CRM that helps you inform customers on the phone about the status of their file thanks to a centralised history

Automations to ensure
flawless administrative follow-up

Keeping on top of your agency’s activities requires meticulous organisation. That is crucial for the success of the real estate agency, whether it is to publish ads swiftly, to organise appointments, to answer questions from customers or to manage the different steps from the first visit to the sales or lease agreement.

WHISE offers you a simple, intuitive and effective tool to make your work simpler and faster.

In the blink of an eye, our real estate software and CRM allows you to:

  • Follow through files from promotion to signed agreement with the help of automated task lists that remind you what to do at the right time

  • Follow up on requests from potential buyers or tenants, because contacts are created automatically and their search criteria added

  • Quickly organise visits thanks to our smart calendar, centralised contact management, automatic confirmations and reminders, and a constantly synchronised history

to manage your ads & the promotion of your agency

WHISE is also a fully-fledged marketing platform that centralises all your promotional activities:

  • Publish ads on major real estate portals, WHISE will take care of any updates in an automated way
  • Quickly print posters to promote new properties for sale and rent
  • Create presentation brochures to hand out to prospective buyers or tenants during property visits
  • Create newsletters and promote your properties with a simple and fully integrated mass-mailing tool and easy-to-use, ready-made templates

Work with WHISE for free, for up to 5 properties published online, without any time limit