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Improve your prospection & sales with a real estate CRM

It is essential for the success of your real estate agency to offer your clients a wide choice of quality properties for sale or rent. To ensure a constant flow of new properties, you need efficient and well organised prospection.

That’s where the CRM software comes in.
But what is a CRM exactly?

What is a CRM ?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software helps you optimise, analyse and manage your relationships with your customers and prospects.

It allows you to :

  •  organise effective follow-up of new leads, from the first contact to the signed contract
  •  improve communication with all your contacts, customers and prospects
  •  sustain the relationships with your existing customers and retain them

With WHISE, you combine the power of a CRM with the features of traditional real estate software on a single, integrated and secure platform.

The benefits of a CRM for your real estate agency

The use of a Customer Relationship Management tool is the key to your success. Its benefits are numerous and allow you to manage your agency and all of your contacts, and to improve your results thanks to a better follow-up of your customers and prospects.

Benefit 01 Convert as many prospects as possible

50% of prospects never receive a second phone call from a sales rep

With WHISE’s real estate CRM, you have a clear overview of :

  •  the number of prospects you actively follow
  •  the status of the sales process with each prospect
  •  the history of your interactions with all your contacts

Benefit 02 Divide your prospection into stages

40% of sales reps say prospecting is the hardest part of their job

The WHISE CRM allows you to :

  •  split the decision-making process of your prospects into different stages.
    This is referred to as the “conversion funnel”
  •  assign each prospect a conversion status based on their progress, from first contact to signed contract
  •  follow a list of specific actions to be taken for each stage
  •  automate some of these actions to save valuable time. For example, sending an e-mail or a text message at scheduled times

Benefit 03 Communicate at the most appropriate time

Good communication with your prospects can increase your sales opportunities by 20% .

WHISE offers you a series of features to optimise communication with your prospects :

  •  Automated e-mails creation for birthdays, appointment confirmations…,
  •  Customised e-mail templates
  •  Free of charge integrated e-mailing tool

The power of a CRM combined with the efficiency
of a real estate software

It is an ongoing challenge for your real estate agency to continuously expand your property portfolio.

In other words, you constantly need to find new owners who want to work with you to sell or rent their property.

Activité de votre agence immobilière au cours du temps

Most of the time, your agency’s activity will fluctuate according to the number of properties in your portfolio:

  •  When you have many properties in your portfolio, your activities will focus on finding tenants and buyers
  •  Prospection will resume when the number of properties in your portfolio decreases
  •  When your portfolio grows again, your efforts will shift again from prospection to sales

With a CRM, you can optimise your prospection to ensure a continuous supply of new properties in your portfolio and to support your sales activities.

A tailor-made conversion funnel is the ideal tool to organise your prospection

The CRM is the perfect tool to manage your prospection. It allows you to split the decision-making process of your contacts into distinctive stages corresponding to the maturity of their decision.

Our real estate CRM offers you a standard conversion funnel with 4 main statuses:

  • 1


    A person is part of your contacts but did not initiate any interaction with you

  • 2


    The contact showed interest e.g. by registering on your website, sending an e-mail, calling etc.

  • 3


    The contacts acted on their interest e.g. agreed to an estimation visit or a meeting

  • 4


    The contact has reached the last stage before sealing a deal with you

In each stage in the conversion funnel, you can take a series of actions to push the contact to the next stage or status.

You define the nature and timing of these actions in our CRM

Similarly, each new contact is assigned an initial status based on where the contact originated from, for instance :

  •  Anyone who left their details on your agency’s website or on a real estate portal will automatically be labelled “engaged”
  •  Someone who has accepted an appointment to estimate their property, will be labelled “warm”

Easier   commercial follow-up

Your sales representatives will always have access to :

  • A global overview of all the contacts with their status in the conversion funnel. This gives them a clear idea of the results of their prospection efforts so that they can focus on the needed task to keep new properties coming in

  • A list of actions to be taken for each contact to push them through the conversion funnel

  • An overview of the automated actions undertaken by the system such as mailings sent, appointment confirmations, brochures mailed etc.