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Spend more time with clients thanks to our prospection
and transaction real estate software

Leave the boring and repetitive tasks to us.

Support and guidance are key elements of the WHISE philosophy. We provide you automated assistance for your daily tasks and we guide you through our platform when you start.

Our software helps you both with your real estate prospection and transaction.

Your guide and reminder for
your daily tasks

We have identified all important steps of a real estate transaction, from the prospection to the signature, and we automated them.

For each step, we created smart checklists or task lists to make sure that the right person is reminded at the right moment about the tasks to execute.

WHISE is the only real estate CRM platform that creates automatic checklists according to a predefined format. This is a ready-to-go solution already available during your first steps on the platform.

You can of course also adapt these lists to reflect your own procedures and work flow.

“Contacts” checklist
Automatic follow-up of the prospection

  • Automated procedure for reminders and follow-ups of owners

  • Conversion funnel showing the status of your owners, from the first contact till the signature of the sales mandate

  • Integrated CRM functions, with scheduled and automated mailings

  • Global overview of the funnel and the actions undertaken for each lead

“Property” checklist
Automatic follow-up of the transaction

80% of the steps are automated!
And for the steps that require your intervention, the application will remind you at the right moment the actions to undertake at each step of the sales or letting process.

  • Automated creation of mails

  • Automated appointment confirmation

  • Automated uploading of documents to the right place

  • Automated and/or manual matching between contacts and properties

  • Some tasks are carried out by service providers autonomously e.g. completion of an energy performance certificate

  • Complete overview of the status of a transaction at any moment

Your first steps on the platform

To get acquainted with the WHISE platform, we have developed a support system that guides you along the way.

  • 1

    Create your FREE account

    At WHISE, everything starts with a free account. This account is fully operational without any time limit. It allows you to manage up to 5 properties published online, and per user.


    • Add your agency logo and you are ready to go!
    • When you create your account, you also get a free test website provided by our partner Webulous
    • Sign a contract with the property portals and start publishing your ads

  • 2

    Gaïdo, your virtual guide, welcomes you

    This smart chatbot will guide you through the different modules. You will find it on all WHISE screens, always ready to answer your questions.

  • 3

    You get free access to our online training platform

    As soon as you have created your account, you will have free access to the WHISE Academy. This online training platform contains video tutorials that help you in your first steps and in the use of more advanced functionalities. Of course, you follow the training at your own pace.

  • 4

    Import your data from your previous CRM system or real estate software

    Are you already using a CRM system or real estate software? Our user-friendly migration module helps you to import your properties, documents, pictures, contacts and calendar onto our prospection and transaction real estate software.

Work with WHISE for free, for up to 5 properties published online, without any time limit