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Our mission is to guide real estate agents in all steps of a property transaction.

But we do more than only offering you a continuously evolving platform. We also prepare thematic content for you.

Google Ads Real Estate:
12 steps to boost your account

Maximise your online visibility with our 12-step guide to boosting your Google Ads Real Estate campaigns on the search network.

Our practical guide offers a detailed checklist, specially designed to help you reach your potential customers effectively.
We give you strategic tips, practical advice and tried and tested tactics for optimising your search advertising campaigns. (full article only available in French)

Convincing more owners

The first and undoubtedly most important step in a property transaction is to convince owners to use your services to market their property.

In this white paper, you will find many tips and tricks to convince a vendor to work with you. We also describe in detail how WHISE can help you in this essential first step towards a successful cooperation.

Focus on marketing

Congratulations! You managed to convince the owner to work with you. Now starts a new phase in the property transaction: putting the property on the market and promoting it.

In this white paper, we guide you step by step to make your property stand out and attract potential buyers or tenants. We also show you how WHISE can help you in this complex process in an amazingly efficient way.

How can you quickly find the future buyers or tenants

So you have a new property in your portfolio, ready to be put on the market. Your goal is to find potential buyers or tenants as quickly as possible.

To help you in this task, you need to avail of a regularly updated database. But how do you manage to keep the data up-to-date? And how can you use this data to find potential buyers?

In this white paper, we explain how to use the WHISE functions to feed your database with prospects and to inform them about properties that could interest them.

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